Christianity isn’t my religion

Christianity is not my religion


Ideas have consequences
Beliefs determine behaviors


Christianity isn’t my religion.  It’s the lens through which I view this world and everything in it, including myself.  It’s the means by which I comprehend and make sense of reality, and it informs every aspect of how I live my life.  Think you don’t have your own lens through which you view the world as well?  Think again.  Even the youngest child has one.  You cannot exist in this world without one.  Your worldview informs every belief you hold and every decision you make, and it provides you with answers to the most important questions every person asks or encounters in his or her life.  It informs how you relate to this world and others in it and to yourself, but most importantly, it informs how you relate to God or if you even relate at all.  That’s why it’s so important.

Take your worldview seriously.  It affects every single thing about you and your life here on earth.  It affects the lives of all with whom you interact, from complete strangers to those you love dearly.  And believe it or not, like it or not, it has eternal ramifications, and there are no second chances.  The consequences of choices you make here on this earth, including the worldview by which you choose to live, will not end with the grave any more than you will.

It would be disingenuous of me to ask a reader to consider a question I haven’t already considered myself.  So I have asked myself the question if I was convinced by the evidence that God exists and that Jesus is who He claimed to be, would I follow Him.  The answer for many years, even decades, when I was honest with myself was no, I wouldn’t, so I didn’t.  I went my own way, lived life as I saw fit and conveniently ignored the question, all the while not realizing that by ignoring it, I was actually answering it and that answer was no.

And as long as the answer is no, then there’s really no point in investigating the evidence.  Don’t waste your time.  Seriously.  And don’t waste others’ as well, especially not those who genuinely are searching for and open to examining the evidence.  Live life the best way you see fit, and recognize the right of others to do the same.  Because if you refuse to follow Christ regardless of the evidence which you just may find points you to Him, then the evidence for Him is meaningless and irrelevant.  You can have all the evidence in the world, but if you aren’t open to where it may lead, then you’ll find every excuse in the world to at best not believe it and dismiss it or at worst to view it and all those who agree with, rely on and trust it with scorn and disdain.

Truth can only be found in and through a worldview which aligns with and accurately and coherently describes the reality around us and the heart within us.  And only in Christianity have I found this.  So while I may get tripped up from time to time along the way, while my walk may have its stops, starts and stutters and be far from perfect just as I am,  if I want to find the truth, I must go wherever the evidence for it leads, and it has led me every single time, without exception, straight to Jesus.